Association France Palestine Solidarité - Isère / Grenoble

Association France Palestine Solidarité - Isère / Grenoble

The Free Gaza Art Festival

Beaucoup de tableaux, de chansons, de poèmes sur  ce site  en anglais >>  the Free Gaza Art Festival  <<
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Free Gaza
Art Festival


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:: Welcome to the Free Gaza Art Festival ::

(Last Update June 7, 2009) This page is dedicated to the nonviolent Free Gaza Movement, that challenges the unjust siege of Gaza. The Free Gaza Art Festival is the successor of the Free Gaza Song Contest.

Everybody who has a contribution can send it to anis at There will be prizes for outstanding artistic work. Every kind of art is possible: paintings, drawings, sculptures, videos, photos, collages, poetry, literature, music, dance, land art, anything that is clearly related to Free Gaza and that can be shown online. You can, of course, still submit versions of the FREE GAZA SONG.

Next to artistic contributions, the Free Gaza Art Festival will present special features about artists in Gaza and Palestine. This means you can also submit journalistic features about Palestinian artists. So sharpen your pencils, tune your instruments, and join the Free Gaza Art Festival! Have fun and at the same time support the movement with your art by adding to the legend.

(April 19, 2009) In April there have been an incredible 5,336 downloads of the Free Gaza Song video at which means that the world still wants Free Gaza. There are some updates on this Art Festival page.

(Feb. 1, 2009) Thanks to Heiko Seelbach for the new Art Festival header on top of every Free Gaza Art Festival page and thanks to Sabine Yacoub for producing this little gallery of contributions below (up to page 5, update follows). Almost daily I receive a new contribution for the Festival, see pages 1 2 3 4 5 and the visits and downloads are so many that I exceeded the limit of free web traffic. In January alone there were 6.169 visitors on this page and 3.562 on the Song Contest Page. Downloads of the Free Gaza Song (mp3) were 3.540 and additional 1.807 downloaded the video. The song "Gaza on My Mind" had 1.625 downloads and "Stay With You" 1.541.


:: Songs ::


Michael Heart:
  • Deir Yassin: "Gaza town" watch
  • ginuzzo777: "Gaza" watch
  • Lowkey : "Tears to Laughter" sample
  • Farah Notash : Gaza songs in three languages video
  • Pal Stein: "Our Home" video
  • Alex Kirby : 'Gaza abc' audio player, lyrics
  • Dean Omori : "SO MUCH FOR PRAYER" video


:: Gallery ::


:: Poetry and Literature ::


:: More Art ::


:: Articles ::

:: April 19, 2009 ::

On this page: Mako Moya's Hope Fleet picture, Rod Cox' Initiative Global Children's Art Exchange, Paola's Free Gaza Video, the International Cartoon Contest Gaza in Fire (Syria), Kjellaug Hatlen Lunde's paintings "Because we care" and "Duck Bear", the Initiative "Gigging for Life", Lowkey's song "Tears to Laughter", Graham's collage "Gaza in God's Light", Abdul Hafidz: "Free Gaza"

:: News from Mako Moya ::

Mako Moya contributed a piece of art on Page 2, now he made another great picture especially for Free Gaza on the occasion of the Hope Fleet project. The picture is bigger than displayed below if you download it.

© Mako Moya 2009

:: Global Children's Art Exchange ::

Health practitioners, librarians, teachers, artists, theatre and social workers know about the value of art and play in helping children cope with conflict situations. Mental health specialists recognise it helps to keep children alive. And well. The global children's art exchange aims to facilitate exchange of pictures between children. Between teachers, parents and practitioners. Across the planet. Please help. Contact us to get details of how you can exchange at your school, library or health care setting. Donate to us. Thank you. Leave a comment to contact us on the blog or write to Rod Cox, Director of the Project at Alexanders, Chester:

© Tahany Hasouna 2009

:: Paola's Video from February 15: The Free Gaza Movement ::

:: International Cartoon Contest Gaza in Fire (Syria) ::

The International Cartoon Contest Gaza in Fire was organized by Syria Cartoon website when the war on Gaza began. An exhibition will be held in Damascus for some selected works around the end of March parallel to the exhibition of the International Cartoon Contest Syria 2009. See the catalog for the International Cartoon Contest Gaza in Fire as a PDF

:: Kjellaug Hatlen Lunde: Paintings "Because we care" and "Duck Bear" ::

Kjellaug writes: Here are two paintings I made during the war in Gaza this Dec/Jan. The first one, "Because we care", is a reactions to Shimon Peres' explanation of why so few Israeli children died in the war as compared to the number of Palestinian children: "Because we take care of our children". - The "Duck Bear" reminds us of how many teddys, toys, parents, sisters and brothers are left in sorrow after this awful bombing of civilians - on purpose. To create fear. A terror action. - Greetings from Tromsoe, Norway, Kjellaug Hatlen Lunde

(NB: The two pictures below are, in fact, high resolution press photos, so if your newspaper or high gloss magazine wants to print them, please let me know. Anis)

© Kjellaug Hatlen Lunde 2009

© Kjellaug Hatlen Lunde 2009

:: Gigging for Life ::



Lowkey released Tears to Laughter on Monday 9th March which was performed by Lowkey at the demonstrations against the invasion and massacre of Gaza. "Long Live Palestine, Long Live Gaza" has become the rallying cry of the movement calling for justice for the Palestinians. Lowkey is donating all of his profits from 'Tears to laughter' to the DEC Gaza Crisis appeal. You can purchase the track at ITunes by clicking the picture or the links above it. Listen to the sample at and see the press release.

:: Graham's collage "Gaza in God's Light" ::

© Graham 2009

:: Abdul Hafidz from Malaysia: "Free Gaza" ::

© Abdul Hafidz 2009



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